Self-centered but off-centered.

 I might really be suffering from multiple personality disorder. I've been bouncing back and forth between kid_dandy_lion and tangengot resulting to more confusion. I've lost myself. I always lose myself. Time to get back, right?

Just had my birthday and as usual, no celebration. But my grandma bought some usual birthday food so we had a quick pseudo-birthday celebration. 

Oh by the way, I decided to cut my hair short last January. I was kinda bored with it (been long for like, what? 2 years?) Time to chop it all off.


Two-faced bastard? Nah.
pissed off

The kid is torn

I'm one big indecisive moron being torn between using tangengot   or [info]kid_dandy_lion 

What should a kid do?
The tone of my other persona differ entirely from tangengot. Kid Dandy Lion is for solemn thoughts where only 3 or 4 posts are visible to the judgmental eyes of the public but I've been more active there for these past few days.

Ugh. I'm confusing myself.

By the way, I got inked again. Last week, September 10, 2010



I am the fruit of every disorder. Like fuck it! Someone once asked me to see a shrink but I just shrugged it off. I know I'm insane. I know I have my own awesome world. And I know that I'm still functioning. I don't need a shrink to tell me that.

Doodling, writing and reading's my fucking therapy. Fine, you can add up my sick smoking habit. HAH!

And I'm quite sure I have Hypergraphia (an overwhelming urge to write.)

So, this is me blogging before going out again. I'm kinda stuck o! Time sing "Rain Rain Go Away" song today.

mcavoy joker

Keep the Good Vibes Flowing :)


It really knows how to piss you off and break you down. It seems like everywhere I go's a freakin war zone. People dear to you breaks your heart. And just when you thought everything's fine, Life would remind of all those heartaches. Life's one big bitch and it kicks hard. But why whimper and cry?

I say kick harder and smile!

This is me laughing all the way amidst endless sorrow.

We can't stop the bad vibes from coming but there's always a stream of good vibes flowing.


Cheer up kids! Time to smile!

Hah! old pic! No tat on my right  leg!


I'm back... AGAIN!

Hello, kids! I'm back on track! Equipped with a killer playlist & awesome guts, I'm back with a new lj layout and a new ink on my leg!

The world is just awesome! (Yea, I got this from Discovery channel. At least I wasn't watching crap before bedtime HAHA)


July 22, 2010 - It was an awesome thursday
Getting inked by my awesome friend, Clint Bautista!


Hurts more than my other tat but it's all good. I got what I wanted and it's all for free! What more could you ask for?

Some phone shots before I blacked out. I got majorly buzzed (blame it on the alcohol, it made me feel numb for a while haha!)

So here's the mark of my never ending playtime and endless summer.

Good vibes all the way.

2-Faced Jack

My red framed glasses got lost so I scouted for a new one. Guess what, man? I found the perfect pair! And where else shall a person find such an awesome statement piece, man! CUBAO EXPO.

First Impressions, anyone?
                                                                                             a.) "Look at this fucking poser hipster"
                                                                                             b.) "BUTCH"
                                                                                             c.) "Douchebag lesbian"
                                                                                             d.) "Sira ung blinds"

But here's a different take, man

Confused? HAHA
Polar Opposites, man!
But yeah whatever, I'm one sleepy fuck and I'm not makin any sense na, so yea. OVER & OUT. Later dudes!


We're home!

Cubao Expo.

Ah  yes. The ever changing, downgrading & upgrading Cubao Expo.

Next to our bedroom, bathroom & studio, Cubao Ex is where most of our ideas were born.


Ah! Cubao Ex! This is our foster home.

P.S. The girl without glasses is Tamara, the one responsible for these amazing shots and yea, Mogwai by default!

music oldies

an itch, baby

An idle mind is the devil's workshop.
Stimulate your mind. Have a shot of something and get things moving!

So lately I've been marinating (a friend's term), pouring every frustrations on my sketchbook and attackin it like a salivating lapdog. Who knows, this might be the last time I'd sketch without pay! (coughcommissionscough LOL wishful thinking)

 That Team Manila tote is my art bag, dude. So basically, It is my life.

It's a work in progress.

So yea, I got partial creative bliss in the process and the world gets a stylized portrait of some random model.

Eat yer blues to chase the blues away

My life's basically made up of endless laugh amidst sorrow and cheap thrills.

so yea life's fucked up but sometimes eating ice cream or sundae make things better. And I can't get over McDonald's Fruity Blueberry Twist Sundae! (the one on the left. forgive the blurry pic. Shot's not mine tho. stole it from their facebook thingy)

Their best creation so far! (But I still prefer Jollibee over McDee.)


PS. Forgive the cheesy title. I just love blueberries! from blueberry pancakes up to the actual blueberries! tangins sabaw!